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Are you missing opportunities to draw in the customers walking right past your door?

Brand Ambassador/Spruiker training for your team will help increase sales

How can you compete with online retail and still afford to pay the rent, earn a great return on your financial investment and pay yourself for your investment of time?

More and more retailers are turning to their online stores to save their businesses and yet at the same time ignoring the obvious opportunities that are walking right past the door every day!

How many customers walk past your door?

What percentage of them walk in?

Spruiking is back and it works.

Spruiking is a cost effective solution for capturing those shoppers that already love coming to your shopping precinct.

Your customers are hungry for personal contact and social interaction. The ancient art of spruiking is a low cost way to create a real buzz for minor and major retail events.

Train, motivate, inspire and enthuse your staff with a fun day of Spruiker Training at one or more of our Retailer Training Days.

What if every staff member in your store had the confidence to be a better brand ambassador/spruiker and understand how to better attract customers into your store without discounting?

How much difference could that make to sales even on quiet days? Choose from the following options for Spruiker Hire to visit onsite to train, motivate, inspire and enthuse your retailers.

We know it’s not possible for the entire team to be ‘off the floor together’ so to help make sure that as many people as possible can participate we offer:

3 x 3 1/2 hour identical sessions in one day:

  • 9am-12.30pm;
  • 1.30pm-5pm;
  • 6pm-9.30pm

PLUS you can sign up for our refresher course options:

Spruiker Hire will visit biannually or quarterly to complete a refresher course and provide training for those who missed out the first time round.

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Spruiker Training Days

Train, motivate, inspire and enthuse your retailers with a fun day of Spruiker Training.

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