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How to influence your retailers to focus on increasing the asset value of their business

This valuable workshop will help keep your retailer or small business group focussed on the selling price of their business even if they aren’t ready to sell yet.

Whatever stage of business ownership your SME group are currently in, the ultimate goal of selling it for a profit should always factor into the decisions being made now.

Workshop content covers:

About to buy an existing business?

  • Make profit when buying the business – aim to buy under market value.

Already in business and no intention of selling yet?

  • Circumstances can change overnight. Don’t let the threat of risk inhibit business growth. Still, be ever mindful of the ‘urgent sale’ value when making investment decisions.

Ready to Sell?

  • Expect the process to take up to 18 months to 2 years. Be prepared to stay optimistic and switched on for that long.

My ‘Build Your Business with Selling in Mind’ workshop will provide your SME group with practical guidelines to help keep focus on the ultimate goal of selling for a profit whenever that may be… today, tomorrow, next month or next year.

What they’ll learn:

  • What needs to be done BEFORE talking to a business broker or listing the business for sale privately
  • How to value your business – a realistic approach to valuation
  • What the initial steps are to work towards a desirable asking price
  • New ways to achieve the turnover needed to get that sale
  • What is a realistic time frame for achieving the result wanted – and is it really worth it?
  • What’s right? Selling privately or through an agent?
  • Legal and financial advice
  • How to handle handover
  • Where to from here
  • The new life – what now?

Learn more:

Find out how this valuable workshop can be delivered to your retailers, local small business group or client group.  Contact Desley for more information.

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