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Biomedicine, Karate and Spruiking  – what an eclectic mix!

“I love getting creative and the best way to do that is being taken out of my comfort zone and being made to learn about things I have never even thought about before.”

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Why Spruiking is Back

Spruiking is back. Customers are hungry for personal contact and social interaction. The ancient art of spruiking is a low cost way to create atmosphere and draw more customers to minor and major retail events. Gone are the days where you can just fill a shop with stock, place a sign out the front and […]

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The RETAIL Road to Recovery

Seven Mistakes Retailers Make that Need to Be Fixed BEFORE they try to sell their business. Most SME’s go into business for all the right reasons and then reality sets in, it’s not what they expected and they will often list the business and sell at a loss just to get out of the bind […]

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