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The premium online national talent directory for cooking and product demonstrators, performers, brand ambassadors, costumed characters and good old fashioned Spruikers

About Spruiker Hire 

Spruiker Hire is a free national, postcode searchable, online talent directory offering a one stop shop for retailers to source quality brand ambassadors/spruikers (talent) and for talent to promote their services and availability.

Registration is free and once registered, retailers and talent have access to a growing supply of practical and informative FREE online resources.

Spruiker Hire is the only Australian business that focuses on delivering specialised sales training for brand ambassadors/spruikers.

The online course, available free to registered talent, provides step by step modules to help plan a successful retail event from initial idea through to implementation and post evaluation. There’s even a module on starting your own business for brand ambassadors.

The online course is very applicable for shopping centre owners and managers, retail groups and individual retailers to deliver in group sessions to their own teams.

Launched in July 2011, Spruiker Hire  streamlines the connection between brand ambassadors and retailers.

Some of the benefits include:

  1. Direct contact between brand ambassador (talent) and retailer (client) – no agency commissions are payable by talent
  2. Contractual arrangement is between talent and client.  Talent invoices client directly.
  3. Online & face to face training for individuals, retailers and shopping centres

The idea of Spruiker Hire was developed as a result of Desley’s shopping centre background. She discovered that due to the seasonal nature of retail, retailers were finding themselves having to work with inexperienced and untrained brand ambassadors when they needed experience the most..in the busy times, yet they couldn’t afford to retain good people all year round.

She also identified that most retailers were not taking full advantage of the opportunity to draw in those customers that were walking past their door to the majors…or the public toilets!

To help create an easy access source of experienced talent, Desley created the Spruiker Hire online brand ambassador talent directory.



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