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Sales mode with no off switch!

Lee in Studio

By Vanessa Jarrett – Journalist

For Lee Cummins, spruiking is a fun gig that comes hand in hand with her everyday job.

When Lee isn’t Spruiking, she works as a part-time sales rep and part-time business owner of Octagon Sales Solutions.

“I basically work in ‘sales’ mode seven days a week,” Lee said.

“It fits perfectly with my business and also my part-time work.

“Having been in sales and marketing roles since leaving school and the love of public speaking, including a regular radio program every Monday morning, spruiking is a perfect fit for me and my lifestyle.”

Lee is a well experienced Spruiker, having begun her Spruiking career more than 25 years ago.

“Where I was working they had a big promotion on and needed someone to step up and use the microphone,” Lee said.

“I was the only one willing to ‘give it a go’.”

After picking up that microphone for the first time, Lee did not put it back down.

“ I loved spruiking so much I started a small business on the side in Perth along side my full-time job,” Lee explained.

“Virtually every weekend I was booked solid, word started to get out with a spruiker your sales and store activity increased.

“I haven’t looked back.”

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Lee enjoys gigs of any type from Sports stores, homewares, jewellery stores, shopping centre promotions and clothing stores to MC a wedding, community events and fashion shows.

“I love creating atmosphere for the manager and the store owner,” Lee said.

“You know your voice is working when you are asked to “hold off for 10, we can’t keep up with the till sales.”

“I love the Spruiking business because if I can help a business reach or exceed their daily sales target that makes me extremely happy.

Lee hopes to share her love and passion for Spruiking with others and she encourages everyone to take a chance on it.

“If you are looking for supplemental income whether it be Spruiking or any other business don’t wait for everything to be ‘perfect’,” Lee said.

“Don’t worry if you don’t have business cards, websites…… and on and on.

“Perfect doesn’t happen or ever exist, just start and be consistent.

Keep a diary of bookings on you, show up and be present and most of all have fun with whatever you choose.

As for Retailers looking to book a Spruiker, Lee says to plan everything you can.

“Plan what you want to promote, is it daily discounts or flash sales on the day, what targets you have and have your floor staff and sales team knowing also what your objectives are going to be for the day.”

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