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Biomedicine, Karate and Spruiking  – what an eclectic mix!


By Vanessa Jarrett Journalist

When he isn’t busy saving the world through medicine or combatting others with his black-belt in Karate, Michael Osborne hosts trivia nights, MC’s and presents but most of all – Spruikes!

Michael is a 28 year old Biomedical Scientist and MC/Presenter from Bendigo, Victoria. Over the years he has studied in Adelaide and Germany as well as working in London. In 2009, after working for Quiz Meisters’ Trivia as a Pub Quiz host, Michael was requested as an MC/Spruiker for Hyundai at the Hyundai Adelaide Stadium during a soccer match and that’s where his Spruiking career officially began.

“From there I started getting job offers I had never even considered and I haven’t looked back,” Michael said.

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When Michael isn’t busy studying or working on his science side of things, he runs his own business as an MC and Presenter, something that goes well with Spruiking.

“Spruiking is a job that is always fun and is great to get the creative juices flowing,” Michael said.

“Plus, you have the freedom to accept a range of jobs and for when it suits you.”

Michael has been in the Spruiking industry for 8 years now and it has impacted his personal life for the better in a number of ways.

“Financially, it has lightened the burden of being a student a few times and it also opened up so many other prospects,” Michael said.

“There have been times where I have met some amazing people and have even had random people come up to me to compliment me for being a young guy in the industry; something apparently not seen very often.”

Michael isn’t a picky guy, he enjoys a good challenge and any job that will work his brain.

“I like to do gigs of everything and anything. The more random, the better,” Michael said.

“I love getting creative and the best way to do that is being taken out of my comfort zone and being made to learn about things I have never even thought about before.”

“It’s horizon-broadening in a way.”

If Michael could offer any advice to a retailer it would be to prepare, prepare, prepare.

“Always make sure you provide the Spruiker with the correct details and preferably a day or two before the event so they can study and pick out any potential issues,” Michael said.

“There have been a few jobs I have had where the clients haven’t provided anything until the day of the event and after two hours, we found out it wasn’t the correct information….It’s awkward for everybody concerned!”

And if you are considering Spruiking, Michael says to jump all in.

“Do it! If you have even thought about it, it is worth giving a go!”

OZZY - BnW - MC-Pres-Sci

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