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‘Prepare, Prepare, Prepare’ says Spruiker Ron

Stu Crawford

Spruiker Ron Law shares his secrets for planning a successful sales event

By Vanessa Jarrett

“Don’t read, make notes…then wing it off your notes.”
“Get a thesaurus and play with a few different ways to say things and expressive, colourful words to use.”

These are three pieces of advice fellow Spruiker, Ron Law would give to someone who is starting out in the Spruiker scene.

Ron is based in Tweed Heads, New South Wales and has been a Spruiker for some time now. Prior to Spruiking, Ron had a long history in community leadership and grew up in retail. Ronald’s family was in business and being surrounded by customers was something that came natural to him.

“We lived in the back of shops as kids,” Ron said. “So we grew up serving customers.”

When not working in retail, Ronald has had about 30 years in community service and leadership of not for profit organisations. These days he can be found Spruiking for various businesses as diverse as Jewellers and Cosmetics stores, book launches and book conventions.

“I have done a lot of Spruiking for Priceline in cosmetics and skincare,” Ronald said.

Stu Crawford

“I enjoy this because I love doing things that help improve the self-esteem of customers while promoting quality establishments that are run by good people.”

“I have also Spruiked for jewellers, fruit shops and a book launch.

“Last year I was even Santa Claus for Christmas!”

Ron finds Spruiking work completely different to his normal type of work but says it gives him a different sort of creative outlet.

“You get to be present in the moment,” Ronald said.

“And most of all, have fun!”

Having worked a number of Spruiking events, Ron has seen a number of things go uphill and downhill. He begs retailers that are thinking of planning an event to first of all write down some realistic expectations they would like for the event.

“Then, write an exhaustive list of what you would like your Spruiker to promote and include as many selling points as possible,” Ronald said.

“Meet with them before the day or ring them and have a good talk to them about your expectations.

Aside from organising the Spruiker talent themselves, there are also a number of things that need to be taken care of for the Spruiker to do their work.

“Make sure you have permission to have a Spruiker from the stakeholders before the day and give them a clear understanding of how long the Spruiker will be there for,” Ron said.

“Make sure the Spruiker has what they need in terms of power points, extension leads etc.

“And lastly, make sure there is an understanding that you will be giving feedback about volume and content and what you want them to promote.”

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