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Helene Murray loves spruiking because she gets to interact with the community in a fun way

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HELENE MURRAY – By Vanessa Jarrett

Growing up in a large rural family, Helene struggled to get a word in edge ways.  Fast forward to today, Helene is making up for it, speaking through the microphone as often as possible.

“Getting a word in my house growing up was a ‘constant challenge’,” Helene laughed.

“I do remember being fond of the sound of my own voice even then.”

Helene lives in Melbourne and works part time in Ageing and Community Care.

‘I love working in this space, it keeps me grounded and I truly gain great joy in bringing a smile to the faces of my clients. I like to think that I bring more to their lives through humour””.

Helene’s first love is performance.

“I want to live making a living from behind a microphone,” Helene said.

Stepping up to the plate to do any job that has a microphone, Helene is a woman of many talents.

“I love to MC, whether it be Weddings, parties or anything,” Helene said.

“I am also a stand-up comedian; I have performed in Comedy Festivals in Melbourne and the UK.”

“And I am a registered celebrant.”

“Together, all of these skills serve me well in the world of Spruiking and in raising interest in that product, that service or cause that I am engaged with.”

A stickler for organisation, Helene likes Spruiking events that have been well organised.

“I like to do gigs that have been planned well, the objectives clearly defined and everyone clear about their roles,” Helene said.

Along these lines, Helene offers advice for retailers who are thinking of Spruiking and cannot exaggerate organisation enough.

“Plan well and be really clear about what it is what you want to achieve,” Helene said.

“Once you have planned that, make the outcome you wish to achieve really simple.”

“Make the outcome something that everyone involved can focus on together.”

One of Helene’s favourite kind of Spruiking gigs are the dress up kind.

“I like spruiking for almost anything,” Helene said, “But I would draw the line at being nude!”

“I like to dress up in character and I have some of my own”.

“I prefer character dress ups over having to dress formally, there’s more fun.”

Helene Murray

For Helene, like many Spruikers, Spruiking comes naturally.

“I love spruiking because I have the opportunity to interact with the community in a fun way,” Helene said.

“It is also satisfying helping a client achieve an outcome whether it be to promote a service, a product or cause.”

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