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“Spruiking does wonders for public speaking skills and getting over stage fright,”


By Vanessa Jarrett

TULA TZORAS HAS IT all going on. A many hat-wearer, she is an actor, presenter, filmmaker, author, speaker and a host. Tula has published two books and has been a regular contributor to True Natural Health and Leaders in Heels magazines. Recently, she hosted the Melbourne Cup at The Epping Club in Sydney and is featured in the latest NRMA commercial. When Tula isn’t busy wearing one of her many hats or even a couple at once, she is also a Spruiker.

Tula has been working in the entertainment industry for almost 30 years now and wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I just love what I do,” Tula said.

“Sometimes I like to think I was born with a microphone in my hand.”

For Tula, Spruiking seemed to be a good option when she was already working heavily in the entertainment scene.

“As an extension to what I do, Spruiking seemed like a natural choice,” Tula explained.

“I enjoy it because it is an easy way to get a message across and you can build an instant connection with people.”

“It is also a great way to sell.”

As with each job, Spruiking can come with some highs and lows. Over the years, Tula has enjoyed Spruiking and can remember one event in particular with a big smile on her face.

“I love what I do, one of the most enjoyable events however, was the Hottest Hunks Competition Final in Melbourne,” Tula laughed.


“Another highlight can be doing so well as a Spruiker that you run out of stock.”

“I love fashion, VIP events and all kinds of events that bring people together.”

Holding close to three decades experience in the entertainment industry, Tula has some words of wisdom to share for retailers thinking about planning events.

“I would advise any retailer to spare no expense on rewarding their customers as it will only bring them more loyalty,” Tula explained.

In terms of using a Spruiker at the event, Tula explains retailers need to be well prepared.

“Have the best equipment you could possibly have,” Tula said.

The last thing you want is to run into any technical difficulties on a big day.”

“And make sure you coordinate with the Spruiker so they are giving you the best service they can.”

And for those who are thinking about becoming a Spruiker, Tula says everyone should go for it.

“Spruiking does wonders for public speaking skills and getting over stage fright,” Tula explained.

“Most of all, it connects you with people and reconnects everyone with fun.”

Check out Tula’s latest TVC gig here.

Tula is already booked out for the whole month of December, and is already taking bookings for 2017.   Tula’s advice?

‘It’s important to plan well ahead in this industry if you want great results’

Want to know how to get gigs like Tula?

Find out more here.


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