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What are the 3 big secrets clever Brand Ambassadors know that keep their clients asking for them again and again?

3 Secrets Great Brand Ambassadors Know

There’s an abundance of well-paid gigs all across Australia for solid, hard-working, results driven brand ambassadors.

Celebrity brand ambassadors can command thousands of dollars for short term gigs.  Even, we mere mortals can earn double and often triple the hourly rate we could earn working as a sales assistant or in an administration role when we consistently produce results for our clients.

What exactly does a Brand or Corporate ambassador do?

Masters of Ceremony (MC’s), fashion parade comperes, trade show hosts, in store cooking or product demonstrators, promotions team members (including costumed characters), visual merchandisers are all brand ambassadors.  In fact, anyone who is required to fulfil any or all of the following is a brand ambassador:

  • enthusiastically represent a brand
  • increase brand awareness and/or sales
  • reinforce the corporate/brand identity
  • strengthen relationships
  • influence customers to buy more

It’s not always about increasing sales, but it is often about that.

What are the character traits of a great brand ambassador?

Brand Ambassadors are enthusiastic, knowledgable team players who have the ability to positively influence others.

Where can I find work as a brand ambassador?

Nothing beats good old fashioned door knocking to get the gig.  Sometimes all you have to do is ask.  Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the types of businesses that regularly use brand ambassadors.

  • local shopping centres
  • CBD marketing co-ordinators
  • retailers, especially jewelers, pharmacies & discount outlets
  • hardware and electrical
  • furniture and homewares
  • car and caravan sales yards

To supplement your personal efforts and increase your exposure to the market you can also register online.  Spruiker Hire is a unique national online talent directory established specifically for short term retail talent.  We help promote you to your market through paid and organic social media reach and regular newsletters to nominated retailers/shopping centres in your area plus a growing national database of retailers, shopping centres and corporates who are on the lookout for quality talent.

What are the 3 big secrets great brand ambassadors know that keep their clients asking for them again and again?

  1. Under promise and over deliver – EVERY TIME

Inconsistency in performance is what lets most people down.  When you win a gig because you were awesome and they re-book you…and the next time you aren’t as awesome, you’ll have no-one but yourself to blame when you don’t get booked for the third and subsequent gig.

Work out what it is that your client wants to achieve from your presence before you start the gig.  Better still meet with them the day before so you have time to think it over and plan a strategy.  Then, move heaven and earth to make it happen.

  1. Be positive and enthusiastic – ALL THE TIME

Most Brand Ambassador gigs are 3 – 4 hours.  If you find it hard to stand on your feet and be positive and enthusiastic for so long without a break, be sure to discuss timing of breaks with your client PRIOR to commencement of the gig, take a break, rest, breathe and return with gusto.

Remember you are the ambassador for the brand. When you are in front of your audience and representing your client, keep your weariness and problems to yourself.

  1. Be flexible, go with the flow, think on your feet – TIMING IS EVERYTHING

The gig isn’t always going to go to plan and you may not achieve the goals you and your client set out to achieve…or it may be an even greater success than was envisaged, which in itself could cause some logistical challenges.

You will impress your client when you can think on your feet, come up with a solution or alternative course of action that produces great results.

Don’t make excuses or deflect blame to someone else.  It’s happened, make the best of it.

One final tip – be your best self

Whether you are flamboyant, colourful, gregarious and outgoing or corporate, professional and polished in ‘real life’, just be yourself.  Like attracts like.  There’s a brand ambassador job for every personality.

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