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‘If they can do it, so can I.’ Find out why Steve McGuire loves to spruike.

Steve McGuire

By Vanessa Jarrett

How Steve McGuire got into spruiking.

“I got into spruiking because I saw what was out there and I thought, my God, if they can do it, then so can I!”

Originally from an Auctioneering background, Steve McGuire has been a spruiker for the past eight years and hasn’t looked back.

Over the years, he has learnt some tricks of the trade and weeded through what works best for him and what doesn’t.

“I like to stand out in the crowd, so I will have a blue, pink or red hat on and whatever colour my hat is I will match it to my watch,” Steve said.

Steve has worked in all avenues of spruiking from campaigns to sales and opening of stores.

“I enjoy Spotlight stores because there is a lot of a variety and always something going on there,” he said.

“I also enjoy sports stores and I love the challenge of working to build sales for jewellers, especially when they have a great offer to share.”

‘To be a good spruiker, you need good equipment.’

He explains there is no point buying cheap Public Address systems because they don’t have the good quality needed.

“Your voice is travelling across a shopping centre and yes, the equipment may be thousands of dollars but if they can’t understand you there is no point.

If you want a smooth-sailing event, Steve says communication is the number one key.

“I would be saying to the retailer to get your spruiker in and have a talk to them about what you want,” he said.

“Because sometimes, what Head Office tells the Manager and what the Manager tells the Spruiker can be completely different things.

“So if I am going to be doing a big event, like 18 days straight, I will ring them first and the day before and find out exactly what I am doing for those 18 days.

With a passion for spruiking, Steve wants to share it with others.

“I’ve approached a few people when I have been doing spruiking events and told them to jump on the website and do the course but people don’t take it up and I get very, very frustrated.

“I see some good talent out there but a lot of people can’t stand in the one spot for 3 hours saying the same thing over and over again.

“Yes, you might repeat yourself but when the customer is walking past; they don’t know you have been talking about pots and pans for the last two hours.

“There is some very good money to be made and if more retailers got on board they would sell more.

At the end of the day, whether he hasn’t been successful in recruiting more Spruikers, Steve loves what he does.

“Spruiking taught me to invest in myself.”

Steve McGuire LJ Hooker Car

Steve is based in Melbourne and also has a full time job in real estate working for LJ Hooker Rowville.

Contact Steve if you’d like to book a spruiker, find out more about spruiking or if you are in the market to buy or sell a house in the Rowville area.

Want to know how to get gigs like Steve’s?

If you’d like a gig like Steve’s find out more here.

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