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What are the 3 Big Secrets Smart Not for Profits Know that Help them Attract the Best Corporate Partners with Confidence?


Smart NFP's know how to get what they need to succeed

Smart NFP’s know how to get what they need to succeed

Here’s how to make your not for profit bank balance bulge!

What is it that the most successful not for profits do that make them more profitable, more appealing to cash donors and in kind supporters?

Every person who works for a not for profit is in it for the passion they have for the cause and yet some manage to attract support more easily than others?  Why is this so?

What is it that they do differently?

Here are 3 BIG secrets smart not for profits know that help them attract the best corporate partners with confidence.

  1. They deliver on what they promise – give value to cash and in kind supporters

Delivering on your promise is a commitment from all parties to do what they say they would do. Smart NFP’s don’t make excuses.  They make it happen.

Doing what you say you will do helps build credibility and trust between you and your corporate partners.

Smart nfp’s ecognise the strengths and weaknesses of their team and allocate tasks/delegate accordingly.

They identify the shortfalls, where there are gaps and find someone to fill them and they have a back up plan.

Acknowledge the contribution of all stakeholders (corporates, volunteers) whether cash or inkind and you’ll find more people will want to work with you and it will be much easier to get help. 

  1. They are flexible – open to alternatives and not rigid in their expectations

Being flexible and willing to do what it takes means that you will be open to alternative proposals to the one you may be presenting to your donors/contributors.

Flexibility opens the door to a whole range of new options that could lead to other opportunities you hadn’t even thought of and will increase the number of parties willing to partner with you.

Successful nfps are great at preparation and planning.  They develop a great prospectus – a starting point with a range of options as a talking point for more discussion and negotiation.

Their committees and volunteers work well together.  That doesn’t mean they don’t disagree.  They do, but they respect each others differences and work towards a resolution.

  1. The number one secret that successful not for profits hold close to their chest is their ability to find funds/resources where others don’t look

Finding funds/resources and knowing how to easily and comfortably ask for what you want and get it is a highly valuable skill.

It is what makes the difference between a great event and an exceptional event.  A better quality corporate will want to be involved when you have a wide range of contributors/supporters of your event.

Build a profile and get the word out about your service.  Create a great brand. Promote what you do and how you do it.  Build confidence in your capability and just make it happen.

The first one is always the hardest.

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