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3 Big Blunders Talent & Event Planning Agencies Make that Keep them from Being Number One in their Industry

3 big blunders

Are you struggling to win enough gigs to be viable?

Are you struggling to win enough gigs to make ends meet?  It’s not easy earning a living in short term placement.  Your systems must be refined to help you achieve a higher enquiry to sales ratio for your business to be profitable.

When I used agencies to source short term talent for gigs in my days working as a shopping centre manager I found there were three big frustrations for me as the client.

3. Enquiry response time

Agencies wouldn’t respond in a timely manner.  I’m a planner, but a lot of potential clients aren’t, so waiting more than 24 hours for a return phone call was very frustrating.

Finding and locking in quality talent early would enable me to move onto the next stage of event planning with confidence.

Having to wait for an agency to get back to me had a flow on effect in the process that could detrimentally affect the success of the final event.

2. Lack of quality candidates

During peak trading periods talent agencies, I found talent agencies were often short of talent and would send inexperienced and under briefed candidates to perform a role.

This defeated the purpose for me in using an agency.  If the candidate was inexperienced and had not been briefed by the agency, it meant that I had to spend my precious time and some of the hours the talent should have been on the floor doing what they were being paid to do, briefing and training.

1. Finding an appropriate agency in the first place

Are you easy enough to find when a shopping centre or retailer is looking for an agency?  Probably not. Do you stand out in the crowd of agencies?

Here are the number of agencies listed in the yellow pages in each capital city:

Sydney – 68
Melbourne – 53
Brisbane – 24
Adelaide – 20
Darwin – 225 (yes 225, and 123 even if I lock in local businesses only, but they are from all over)
Perth – 15
Canberra – 1
Improve the odds in your favour and stand out in the crowd of talent agencies for all the right reasons.
I can help you stand out in the crowd.  Advertise on the Spruiker Hire talent directory and I will promote your agency to national shopping centre managers and marketing managers, national retailers and potential new talent.

Introductory special offer for talent agencies: $240 for first 12 months.  Normally $450, thats a saving of $210.

A FREE 15 minute Skype consultation at a mutually convenient time

During the Skype consultation with you, we’ll discuss your business goals and plans and work out the best way Spruiker Hire can help you grow your business.

  • Assist you with unlimited one on one advice via email
  • Email access 24/7 for you to contact with any queries or concerns or help with a booking
  • FREE PDF flyer ‘Top 10 tips on Spruiking in a Public Venue’
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  • Undertake an initial direct marketing campaign to shopping centres, retailers, clubs, markets and other organisations in your area.
  • Undertake a minimum of 12 generic direct marketing campaigns annually. In addition we’ll undertake a minimum of 12 direct marketing campaigns to potential clients in your area (1 per month). The purpose of these campaigns is to keep the idea of spruiking top of mind for potential clients, as a cost effective marketing alternative.

Introductory special offer for talent agencies: $240 for first 12 months.  Normally $450, thats a saving of $210.

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