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How to be a better public speaker

Young woman with black and white mask

Are you one of the estimated 75% of people who fear public speaking more than anything else?


When you stand up before a crowd to talk are you suddenly hit with the unmistakable desire to crawl under a rock and hide, killing any ‘pre-public’ confidence you may have had in what you were about to share?


Would you like to improve your public speaking skills in a safe comfortable environment where it won’t be so daunting?


‘Becoming’ someone else for the day and getting ‘into character’ can help loosen your inhibitions and help turn you into the awesome orator you’ve always wanted to be.


Shopping Centres and retailers are regularly looking for people who are willing to dress in costume for a range of different events throughout the year.


MOSCOW - JUNE 23: Folk musicians and woman dancer performance at the Moscow Historical Festival Times and Epoch in Kolomenskoe on June 23, 2013 in Moscow, Russia.

How will you find work?


Most shopping centre gigs like this are on contract.  It’s a good idea to set yourself up as a small business with your own ABN number and public liability insurance.


You can either work and invoice the shopping centre or retailer directly or register with a talent agency.


The talent agency will take a commission out of your booking fee for handling the booking and will invoice the client.  They will then pay you.


If you choose to work directly and not through an agency, you are more in control of your own destiny. You can set up your own Facebook page, web page and other social media sites.


To help people find you more easily, you can register on a talent directory like Spruiker Hire.


‘There is no commission payable when you register on the Spruiker Hire National Talent Directory…just a once of annual registration fee for your listing’


Spruiker Hire charges an annual fee and does NOT collect any commission from you for bookings you receive through the site.


It’s a bit like a Yellow Pages directory for short term retail talent.


You pay to register on the site and we market the site to shopping centres and retailers nationally so they know where to find you.


It’s easy for retailers to find you on the site because it’s fully post code searchable, so only registered talent in your area will display when they search the directory.


You can choose from a number of drop down menu options, the type of work you’d like to do.


You can select one or multiple types, so if you only want to attract work as a costumed character, then you only tick that one option.


You can change your preferences at any time during your subscription period PLUS once registered you have access to heaps of free resources to help you get started.


How much will you earn?


The hourly rate for costumed character/entertainers is usually around $70 – $80 per hour for a 3 – 4 hour gig.


You may need to offer your services for $55-$65 per hour for the first couple of gigs to gain some experience, but once you have started and shown that you can make a genuine contribution to the value of the shopping experience when you are ‘in character’ you’ll be able to charge appropriately for your services.


Want to know more?


Setting up your own business as a costumed character is a minimal cost start up opportunity that is clean, safe and fun.  It’s a low risk start up opportunity that will build your confidence, and potentially open the door to lots of other great opportunities. Introductory special offer for first time registrations. Learn more here.

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