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Three Quick Tips to More Sales this Season

3 Quick Tips to Better Events

1. Focus on your top selling product

You know the 80/20 rule.  80% of your sales are usually made from 20% of your products.  Identify your top selling products, ensure you have plentiful stock, feature it/them in all of your advertising, including window displays, social media, posters, mainstream media, P A announcements.

2. Give something away for nothing

Free advice, free recipes, free balloons, free tastings, free product samples, free fashion parade, free demonstrations, free entertainment

3. Special offers that give greater value to your customer than it costs you to give

Free gift with purchase, buy one get one free, larger size for smaller size price, unlimited/limited training/advice.

..and finally, one more for good measure.  Ensure your staff are trained and your best people are on the floor when you are the busiest.

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