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Earn and Learn – up to $80 per hour for talented uni students

How can you afford to study and work?

It’s mid year and all your assignments are due or overdue. You need to go to work to earn an income to survive and also need more time to study to get a really good result. How is that possible?

What if you could do both? What if there was a way you could earn an average of between $60 and $80 per hour, work mostly in term breaks but still have a trickling income coming in throughout the study term?

Working in retail as a spruiker, visual merchandiser, product or cooking demonstrator can provide you with the opportunity to do just that.

..and it’s fun.

What do you need to be successful?

  • Confidence to speak in public
  • Professional presentation
  • Friendly and happy disposition
  • Good listening skills
  • A willingness to let retailers know you are available

Most retail spruiking gigs are during peak trading periods, leading up to key events like back to school, Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas and all school holidays.

Most of these events fall in term breaks meaning that the bulk of your work hours will be available at the best time for you.

Regular weekend gigs are also available to supplement your income during term.

How can you get started in your own business as a spruiker/demonstrator?

It will cost less than $1000 to get started in your own business:

  • Apply for an ABN number at http://bit.ly/1Ho7kgN
  • Obtain Entertainers Public Liability Insurance from https://www.duckforcover.com.au/minigen/ or any reputable insurance broker
  • Purchase a small portable public address system
  • Order or print a small quantity of business cards
  • Visit your local shopping centre and retailers (jewellers, discount stores, hardware stores and car yards are frequent users of spruikers/demonstrators; supermarkets are the major users of food demonstrators), introduce yourself and drop off your business cards
  • ..and voila..you are in business

You can also register at www.spruikerhire.com and learn more by completing the online spruiker training course.

The Spruiker Hire training course will provide you with insight into working in shopping centres, planning, script writing and post event evaluation.

About Desley Cowley: #eclecticdabbler

Desley Cowley from Spruiker Hire is in retail consultancy and training. She helps shopping centres and retailers source and train quality talent that makes retail more profitable and fun.

Desley has developed a national online talent directory and training course to help retailers better compete with online marketers and also understand why it’s even more important in this technological age for them to create an awesome experience for their shoppers and community.

It’s her goal to build inclusive compassionate fun loving online and offline retail and hospitality communities across Australia designed to make a difference to health and wealth through helping retailers create amazing income generating community focused events for their businesses.

Contact Desley on 0419 817973 for an obligation free 15 minute discussion to find out how she can help you.

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