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Why Spruiking is Back

Spruiking is back. Customers are hungry for personal contact and social interaction. The ancient art of spruiking is a low cost way to create atmosphere and draw more customers to minor and major retail events.

Gone are the days where you can just fill a shop with stock, place a sign out the front and wait for the customers to come flocking in.

It’s not cheap to lease a space in a good location in a high performing shopping centre.  Once you have secured that location what are you doing to ensure that all those potential customers are noticing you?

It’s back to basics if you want to engage your customers

Retailers are looking for innovative ways to attract more customers into their stores.

Engaging a professional Spruiker during your peak trading periods to draw more customers your way, will leave your staff free to make the sale.

Teach your staff how to spruike too!

What if every staff member in every store had the confidence to spruike?  How much difference could that make to sales even on quiet days?

You could do even better if you invested in a good portable PA system and teach your own staff how to spruike.

Then on quiet Tuesday’s (and any other quiet time when they are wondering what to do to fill in the day) they could potentially increase customer numbers and sales by jumping on the microphone and drawing attention to your business.

Spruiking and engaging your customers to stay in your store or shopping centre longer is a cost effective, fun way to increase sales.

A good Spruiker can easily generate 10 times his/her fee in additional sales with the right product and proper planning.

Spruiker Hire has developed a 2 day workshop that is designed to help you increase your profits through better use of the down time in your shop.

The Training Plan – Engagement is the Key to Success!

The key to the course success is lots of engagement to build staff confidence.  The content is interspersed between and through breakout sessions to reduce the intensity of delivery of so much information in such a short space of time.

More and more retailers are turning to online selling to save their businesses and yet at the same time, they are ignoring the obvious opportunities that are walking right past the door every day!

How many customers walk past your door?..and what percentage of them walk in?

Spruiking is back!  Spruiking is a cost effective solution for capturing those shoppers that already love coming to your store.

Your customers are hungry for personal contact and social interaction.  The ancient art of spruiking is a low cost way to create atmosphere to minor and major retail events.

Train, motivate, inspire and enthuse your staff with a fun ½ day of Spruiker Training at one or more of our Retailer Training Days.

What if every staff member in your store had the confidence to spruike? 

How much difference could that make to sales even on quiet days?

Choose from the following options for Spruiker Hire to visit onsite to train, motivate, inspire and enthuse your staff.

I know it’s not possible for the entire team to be ‘off the floor together’ so to help make sure that as many people as possible can participate I offer 3 x 3 1/2 hour identical sessions in one day: 9am-12.30pm; 1.30pm-5pm; 6pm-9.30pm.

…or 2 x 5 hour sessions if that suits your team dynamic better.  We can personalise the course to suit your needs.

Course Content

Course Title:  The Art of Spruiking to Sell – A Short Course in Live Performance to Sell

Our Spruiker Hire training goal is to help your team develop the skills required to successfully and safely engage in the art of spruiking at a live venue or retail premises for the purpose of creating a sense of urgency to increase sales and/or patronage through a combination of entertainment, activities and offers.

Imagine if your entire team could spruike their way to more sales for you..even on quiet days.

Imagine if your entire team had the skills to spruike and speak more confidently to your customers…with or without a PA system.  Sales would inevitably increase!

Here is an overview of proposed sales training course which can be further tailored to suit your retail business.

Draft Session Plan

9am-9.15am 1. Introduction – self assessment checklist breakout session
9.15am-9.30am Morning Tea
9.30am-11am 2. Retail Industry Overview
3. Safe Work Environment
4. Spruike at a public venue
5. Work with Colleagues and Customers
11-12.30mid Scriptwriting/action plan breakout session – individual presentations/spruiking
12.30pm Close

About Desley Cowley: #eclecticdabbler

Desley Cowley from Spruiker Hire is an independent licensed shopping centre manager, speaker, trainer and facilitator. Desley specializes in building vital, profitable retail communities.

She works with owners and developers to turn underperforming retail assets into vital and profitable community hubs.

She also helps shopping centres and retailers source and train quality talent that makes retail more profitable and fun.

Desley has developed a national online talent directory and training course to help retailers better compete with online marketers and also understand why it’s even more important in this technological age for them to create an awesome experience for their shoppers and community.

It’s her vision to be the catalyst for change in the way we do retail..one shopping centre community at a time.

Contact Desley on 0419 817973 for an obligation free 15 minute discussion to find out how she can help you.

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